Wednesday, September 9, 2009

That's Just Pillow Talk Talking

My junior year of college, I took the most fabulous class, a media criticism course for my communications major. For a pop culture fiend and enthusiastic reader like myself, assignments about Lacanian thought in "Psycho" and the crisis of masculinity in "Taxi Driver" were ideal and in no way laborious.

For our final project, we were to each pick some tv show, movie, what have you, and come up with a paper topic based on some mode of criticism we discussed. I think the length was capped at 10 pages, but a zillion hours in the library, 30 listens to Doris Day's "Pillow Talk" theme song, and 25 pages later, my lucky professor had a lengthy account of gender issues within said film.

I'm exhilarated thinking about it. I hadn't given it much thought until clicking through's usual Party Lines feature in which reporters interview high-profile guests at the parties the rest of us wish we could attend. In celebration of PAPER magazine's 25th anniversary, a large crew of everyone from Hanson, Queen Latifah, and Patricia Field assembled to throw down at this illustrious shindig.

My point is:

If 25 is childlike, then I am still an infant by comparison and need to chill out. Thank you, Fern.