Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How often are you in the same room as Oprah and Liz Lemon?

Rarely, if ever.

Except I WAS, on Monday, when I attended the New York Women in Communications' Matrix Awards honoring outstanding women in obviously, the field of communications.

There were loads of interesting folks there, even some men, and I have to say: I left completely rejuvenated and excited about living and working in New York.

It's not secret- is it?- that I vaguely, or sometimes more specifically amongst my friends, threaten to move, but I'm still here. Obviously, I can't give up the city if I haven't yet shipped my boxes yet and had my last Levain's cookie.

Which, speaking of, I indulged in today. SWEET PEACHES. If there is a ever a cookie worth $4, this is it. And I don't make such proclamations lightly, by any means. I'm cheap to a fault but GOOD LORD, we could all use a dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie every now and then.

And now, I still have chocolate on my wrist, and I did everything but lick the inside of the paper bag about 6 hours ago. It should have been demoralizing and was borderline criminally vulgar how much I was enjoying that cookie, sauntering down Broadway. It fell apart in my hand, completely soft and warm, and I had no shame about making a complete mess.

I had to duck into Sabon for a complementary handwash. The saleswoman was helping someone else and briefly acknowledged my walking over the large sink in the middle of the store and offered me some new jasmine soap, completely understanding when I showed her my hand, and said: "Sorry. I just came from Levain's."

Truthfully, I looked a bit like this. In honor of two great New York days, full of inspirational and hilarious women and decadent chocolate cookies, I give you something unfortunately too close to home.