Thursday, March 25, 2010


As in, what would Joan do?

Yes, I passed Joan Didion on Madison Avenue last week. Just a brief moment in passing, nothing notable, but I was THRILLED. I wanted to be able to unearth a life-shattering sign about my life from witnessing a literary titan shuffling across the sidewalk, and if I were a braver girl, I would have asked her to join me for iced coffee at Sant Ambroeus just up the street, gathering my courage up to inquire:

"Shoot me straight. Do you think I should stay here? Because, really, every single day, I am of two minds, just like this,


But really, nothing even remotely of the sort came to pass, and I went on my way, still trying to glean some sort of meaning from it. I don't gather that she would have taken me up on my offer anyway, but I wonder if she gets that a lot, being the poster child for leaving Manhattan and all.